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Travel To exotic Marigot Bay for the Ultimate Escape

If you enjoy traveling to exotic places and are seeking the perfect spot for a memorable Caribbean holiday, you will fall in love with the Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort located on the stunning western coast of the island of St. Lucia.

With its friendly atmosphere, and secluded white sand beach set on a charming, palm tree coconut grove on the waters edge, And  with convenient access to island tours and activities, the Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort is the ideal destination for a Caribbean family holiday as well as a romantic vacation.
Marigot Beach Club sits on an enchanting bay that has been described as the most picturesque and exotic in the world. Here the hotel is nestled in a secluded section of St. Lucia,  that is surrounded on three sides by steep hills covered in tropical rainforest, leading down to a historic bay, a refuge to ships, pirates and adventurers over the past centuries. The part of the bay that is home to the resort is so exclusive that it is accessible only by boat.
The world-famous St. Lucian sunsets and its visually striking scenery, make the Marigot Beach Club a perennial favorite among visitors in search of the ultimate romantic vacation. 
St. Lucia is after all, one of  the worlds top honeymoon and wedding destinations:
Some say “Saint Lucia is Romance”.

Choose your accommodations from a selection of deluxe beachfront studios or family villas, and either way you will be just a few steps away from a lovely white sand beach. Travelers who love exploring exotic places will be delighted with the lush scenery and relaxing atmosphere of the Marigot Beach Club. Good food and a fine selection of exotic cocktails from Doolittle's Restaurant and Bar at the resort put the finishing touches on an exhilarating vacation experience.

Vacationers who wish to spend special family holidays at the Marigot Beach Club will appreciate participating in the organized tours offered by the resort. A trip to the Union mini zoo, for example, allows visitors to see a fine selection of exotic species, including animals and birds indigenous to St. Lucia. The mini zoo is home to the colorful St. Lucia Parrot, the "tete-chien" boa constrictor, iguanas and a lizard that is six feet long.
 Other tour destinations include rainforest trails, treetop adventures, off-road jeep journeys, beaches and scenic waterfalls.

AND of course boating. Boating and sailing in St. lucia is exceptional. Sitting on your balcony or on the dock at Marigot Beach Club, you will see all sorts of yachts and international sail boats arriving overnight, for a weekend, or for a longer stay in st. lucia, and then tripping on down to the grenadines. Some stop here before returning on the long adventure across the Atlantic.

It is exciting to see sailors captains and crew from distant shore coming to St. Lucia’s Marigot Bay, having left some of the most exotic places in the world and thinking when they arrive that St. Lucia is the most exotic of them all.

For some visitors, fun activities are the highlight of any vacation by the sea. The Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort offers world-class diving and snorkeling, including organized dive trips and lessons by certified professionals.  

For shoppers, there are several quaint shopping areas on St. Lucia offer souvenirs, gifts for family and friends and local arts and crafts. There are also a high interest in leading fashion and many upscale boutiques like Ozone, where you will find the latest in fashion modeled by some of the most beautiful models in the Caribbean.

Exotic, romantic, somewhat exclusive… this hillside of villas and jungle huts, of sand and coconut lines beaches, of shinnering seas and sailing ships,    ... is waiting for you.
There’s a cool spot under a palm tree … and a warm welcome .. just across the bay…..
  For more information please visit the website at http://marigotBecahclub.com
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