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The opportunity to see, taste, touch – to connect deeply with a culture so unlike your own – can be a life-altering event. Travel to exotic places can include trekking across the barren stretches of a desert, relaxing in a small mountain village, boating to an exclusive Caribbean island or exploring the extraordinary wildlife that roams ancient forests or the rugged outback on a Safari adventure. Exotic travel and exotic destination can be anywhere in the world and contrary to popular opinion the most exotic place may be right in your own neighborhood or not as far away as you might imagine.

Exotic travel  locations can be breathtakingly mysterious and strikingly unusual. They can also be an exceptional Caribbean getaway like Marigot Bay in St. Lucia (video below), steeped in history and mystery. Or Ladera Resort nestled between the twin peeks of the Pitons a UNESCO Worrld Heritage site. They can be expensive but need not (see  video above) and you can stay in comfort and holiday in style at many affordable apartment and villa resorts. Exotic vacations can be filled with colorful, exciting adventures and cultures that are far removed from your typical holiday experience. They are generally places you travel to; they may be far away, but they can be anywhere.

Whether you are searching for a romantic holiday, a family vacation or a unique getaway that allows you to challenge and discover yourself in a remote, unfamiliar location, these five exotic destinations have the power to change your life forever.

Here are a few of our favourite special places:

The Caribbean
There are so many islands to choose from: French, English, Spanish, Dutch and US. All have their particular appeal. The Caribbean is not all about white sand and crystal clear sea, although it can’t be beaten for this. I love the sense of being on an island off an island. The Tobago Cays in the Grenadines and Bequia, the young island off of St. Vincent, are some of the exotic places that we will feature in our blogs and exceptional travel destinations.

Marigot Beach Club in Marigot Bay, St. Lucia is one of these special places. It is not actually on an island, but it is a landlocked part of the lovely Marigot Bay that you can only get to by boat. It’s just a short 200 yards away at most, but it gives you a sense of being exclusive and exotic. You feel you have escaped. The rooms are lovely, spacious and clean and the view from balconies are divine. Rates start at $136 US, but look out for their specials and packages. We rate this as one of the truly exotic travel destinations in the world.

Barbados Holidays: Exotic by Nature this island lures families, couple, singles and business travelers like no other.

This small Caribbean Island, has a holiday and something special for everyone. It is the land of stunning beaches and luxury hotels, like Sand Lane, consider one of the Best hotels in the word. The rates are $1,500 US per night. Here too are small Bed and Breakfast Guest houses that cater to modest and unpretentious travellers. Rates are often under $100 per night for top class accommodation. But check it all out for yourself at http://barbados.org, the tourism encyclopedia of Barbados, with thousands of pages on ordinary people and exotic places for your Caribbean holiday. Enjoy dining in some of the most exotic restaurants in this exceptional travel destination. Dine on the edge of the Caribbean sea, and under a sunset of orange and red watch the graceful dance of the ray fish as they glide effortlessly under your balcony jutting into the sea.

Enchanted Barbados Family Holidays

See our Blog http://www.travel2exoticplaces.com/blog/barbados-holidays-exotic-by-nature

The Sahara Desert

Covering most of northern Africa, the sweeping, sun-scorched sands of the Sahara Desert stretch from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, offering camelback rides and enchanting local markets, friendly beach resort towns and gracious hospitality. Located directly south of Italy, Tunisia is home to one of the most diverse cultures in the world. The paradise island of Djerba is an ecological wonder, featuring savory fish markets, fascinating silversmiths and colorful pottery. The luxuriously peaceful Radisson Blu Resort and Thalasso is on the outskirts of the resort area in this quaint Mediterranean village. Rates start at $176 US.


The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar offers incredible national parks filled with cascading waterfalls, pristine forests, mysterious cave explorations and fascinating marine and wildlife. Located in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa, this enchanting island is also home to a diverse national culture that includes the indigenous Malagasy people, as well as Indonesian, African, Arab, Indian and Jewish immigrants. The Princesse Bora Lodge and Spa on the Île Sainte-Marie offers 20 private villas surrounded by two exclusive lagoons and a magnificent coconut grove. Comfort Villa rates start at $136 US per night.


The ancient city of Ayutthaya in Thailand, which once served as an important trading center in Southeast Asia, is a mystical wonder with its rows of visually astounding working Buddhist temples and ruins. You can easily set out on a rented bike to explore the ancient city and parks from the ultra-private Iudia on the River Bed and Breakfast. This boutique hotel includes eight guest rooms with all the modern comforts and conveniences, including Wi-Fi, as well as spectacular views of nearby temples from the pool. Rates range from $62 to $85 US.

The Maldives

This hidden gem is the perfect alternative to a Caribbean getaway if you are seeking a romantic holiday. Offering glistening white beaches, turquoise lagoons and abundant marine life, exclusive resorts inhabit more than 90 of the 1,190 Indian Ocean islands. Accommodations on these private oases typically cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per night, but affordable thatch-roof beach bungalows can be booked for $150 US at the Kuredu Island Resort and Spa. Located on the Lhaviyani Atoll, these bungalows include comfortable rattan furniture, an open-air bathroom and a wooden terrace that make the rooms feel spacious.


The colorful Flores in the northern region of Guatemala is the perfect base for exploring the ancient wonders of the nearby Mayan ruins in Tikal, Yaxhá and El Mirador, which date back to the 9th century. The landscape of this island city is dotted with red-roofed buildings, narrow cobblestone streets and historic churches. Nestled in the pristine rainforest 10 minutes outside the city center sits the secluded Villa Maya. Detached, spacious casitas that are furnished with native art are surrounded by a private on-site lagoon that is populated by crocodiles, turtles and a flock of macaws. The rooms are simple, yet stylish, with rates that range from $84 to $94 US.


South America

For something rather different, we like Bolivia. It is one of the most authentic, original cultures, with a way of life that has not changed for centuries. Even the dinosaurs have left their footprints in the rugged landscape. Historic ruins and relics of the pre-Incan and Incan civilizations are accessable and one can visit a site without having hords of people to contend with. We work with Hotel De Su Merced, who has put together tours for travelers across the land staying in other 5 star hotels. See Bolivia Hotel Specials and Tours

Whatever your taste, age and interest there is an exotic destination waiting for you. Join our club to get the latest news on Exotic holidays and travel to exceptional places that are  truly out of the ordinary.

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