Vujaday Music Festival 2019 Remarkable Schedule

cranebeachbarbados“Barbados is a coral island, pushed out of sea by volcanic activity in a far away time. Beaches of fine white sand stretch along a blue-green Caribbean ocean inviting you to paddle swim and play in the sand and sea. Along the East Coast massive Atlantic waves pound against an intermittent rocky shore, with sand dunes and fascinating geological features.  The constant breeze of the trade winds gives the island a mild and pleasant tropical climate. Its unique landscape, amazing seascapes, miles of beaches and a friendly people who love to share their island treasure, makes this a great place for a party”. (Source

damian lazarus

Mystical Damian Lazarus, one of the 25 DJs and composers who will be in Barbados for Vujaday 2019 Music Festival and Safari

Its no wonder that the most successful music festivals in the word, is touching-down on Barbados again in 2019. Vujaday is in a class of its own as it includes dozens of popular DJs with a Safari-style musical adventure in the tropical island Barbados!The Vujaday Music Festival 2019 and island Safari in Barbados is as exciting and varied as 2018 with some extra spice, new artist, new venues and day time events.

Barbados Vujaday Samples On YouTube

The very first Vujaday happening was staged in Barbados in 2018. It proved to be so successful that the 2nd occasion is being stages in Barbados once again in 2019.Vujaday 2019 Phase One Agenda will will feature popular DJs, producers and composers from the UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Sweden and Germany.

Compared to “DejaVu”,  Vujaday is exactly the opposite . It is not like anything you have experienced . And that’s because it has never occurred exactly like that, ever. The music is very much mirrors the crowds’ mood .

The DJ’ Artists incite the crowd by playing to the moment, combining multiple music and sound sources including DJ mixers, turntables, CDs, digital audio and computer-synthesized effects to create seamless streams of truly unique music.

Their dance rhythms keep everyone on their toes, shuffling sand dancing on the beach.Uproxx review said it was “A five-day party of paradisaical proportions, delivering exactly what Fyre Fest had promised. More than that, it was a party that got Bajans dancing on year one. Just imagine what Vujaday will do next.”

And Vujaday 2019 s far more than a music festival with boat cruise and many surprises. Here is the final itinerary:




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