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Travel2ExoticPlaces is all about discovering gems and exotic places for holidays, family  vacations and romantic getways. They are small hotels with character hidden away in different cultures, secluded islands and mountains. In some cases, exotic places are cities like Paris or Tangiers.
bolivia exotic places - andes montains on yello orcher
We are not about finding a holiday in big chain hotels, unless they offer something very unique. We do not review holiday Inns and the typical chains, but we may well review a four villa hotel. Mostly, we look for boutique hotels in exotic places.
We are not a tour operator and we do not book hotels for you. We work with hotel owners and grassroots tour companies on location. In some cases, these companies use our technology and our booking engine. But only the best and most exotic of these get into these blogs and newsletters.  We include hotels and destinations based on their own merit, regardless of our own commercial interest.

From time to time, we will feature a specific destination, package, tour or hotel. Mostly we work with the hotels to put together tours of interest to the exotic traveler. The personal touch is always utmost in our criteria. We know that locals know best, and that local knowledge will make the difference in your adventures and in what you see, experience and do.

See the video on Bolivia

We  provide an alternative holiday experience with grassroot tours and direct bookings with leading accommodation providers who are the hosts of your vacation and adventures in the destination of your choice.

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Most of our featured hotels and destination tour companies will create customized packages to fit any occasion. They are suitable for singles, couples, groups and business travelers who want to stay in historic heritage hotels, rugged jungle huts, hideaways or  luxury villas while taking time to see exotic destinations and different cultures, and to learn something of value by the experience.

We believe that travel is a profound way to share and we know that travel can change lives.

Please enjoy our suggestions and travel to them for yourself!

We encourage you to comment on our blogs and to suggest your own holidays, hotels, resorts and destinations that we might include in our line up of exotic travel places.